Withdrawing Apps Questions

So I got accepted EDII and now I have to withdraw my RD apps; some schools are asking where I will be attending this fall. Do I have to tell them? Why do they ask? What happens if I don’t tell them?

We just did a generic thank you but we were admitted ED and moved on. Some schools had the withdraw app in their portals and others we emailed admissions direct.

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Thank you for your response. When I email them, do I have to tell them where I will be attending in the fall?

We didn’t tell anyone where.

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Last year a lot of schools asked this even in RD. My assumption is just that it’s for their own record keeping and yield strategies. They’d like to know what their applicants are being enticed by and overall matriculation patterns. In other words, it works as part of a survey in some cases.

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So if they ask do I have to tell them?

It’s good that some colleges want confirmation of withdrawal, it prevents accidents.

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You don’t have to tell them.

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Technically? No. But it doesn’t hurt anything to tell them. Up to you.


You are under no obligation to tell them. But why not? Schools use this information to understand why they lose students they may have wanted and where possible, to make themselves more competitive. Remember that the school you’ll be attending is likely asking the same question of students they lost, and their answers could benefit you.