Withdrawing from a class. Transfer, Dropping below 60 units UCSD

Hello, I am currently waitlisted at UCSD. My teacher has only started grading assignments the day before the drop deadline and I’m currently at a low C. This is for the final physics class in the physics series. I am also a 1 year transfer. If I were to withdraw from this class. I would currently have 58.6 transferable credits. However I am signed up to take a 5 unit class during summer at my CC. If I were to drop this class and say I get accepted off the waitlist, due the fact that I’m taking a 5 unit class before fall starts would I still be in the good?

In general, you are required to have 60 semester units by Spring 2021 if you plan to matriculate in the Fall. I would contact UCSD and any other school you are waitlisted or enrolled before dropping the class.