Withdrawing from a summer course- In urgent need of advice!

<p>At UNC, the only way to drop a summer course is to officially withdraw. I'm currently enrolled in phys104 and not doing as well as I want. I know I could do better if I took the class during the fall semester (the teacher is supposed to be a lot better, plus I'll already have experience with the class). Every academic adviser that I've talked to has told me that withdrawing from a summer class is not a big deal at all and that the effect of this w will be minimal on med school admission. They've said that it is not viewed the same way as a withdraw during the spring/ fall semester. The summer w will show on my transcript but the class/grade will not show. My options are to tough it out and probably get a B/B- or to withdraw now and take it during the fall semester and hopefully get an A. What do you think I should do? According to all my advisors it won't be a big deal to have a summer W, but it just seems hard to believe since I know that a W during a regular semester is really looked down upon.