Withdrawing from a university...

<p>When you are transferring schools, are you supposed to withdraw from your school before you go to the other school? Can you stay enrolled in the school in case you want to take summer classes there or something? In other words, how does the process usually work?</p>

<p>A few years ago, I was working on some grad work, and had to withdraw or I would have been charged for the next semester. Call the shcool and find out.</p>

<p>You need to check with your Dean to see what your school's policies are.
My D transferred this year and her Dean advised her not to withdraw but to take a leave of absence even though he knew she would be a full time student at her new school.
So, if my D is not happy at her new school, she will be able to return to the original school without having to reapply. This leave of absence is good for a year.</p>

<p>Nice suggestion, and what is the process of doing this like?
And would the credits she earned at the new school be recognized by the original school in case she decides to return?</p>

<p>Check with your specific school- maybe the registrar's office. This is one of those things you want to do correctly, your school will know what to do. The idea of keeping the possibility of returning is a good one, as stated above. Transferring credits can vary, again you need to see what your specific school's policies are.</p>