Withdrawing from the quarter after submitting UC transfer app?

I’m already into my fourth week at my UC and I’m trying to switch into UCB, UCLA, UCD, or UCSD. However, due to financial and family reasons, I have to withdraw from the quarter and start working to support myself. I currently have a 3.4 GPA and I know it’s not competitive enough for some UCs, but will withdrawing from the quarter now shatter all hopes and dreams for transferring? This upsets me so much because if I continue my taking my classes and work everyday, I know that I will do horribly this quarter. I might even have to move out of state and be with my family to save money…

Your input will be greatly appreciated!

What year are you? Have you already applied? What major are you?

If you withdraw you have the option of re-enrolling at the same UC. Otherwise best bet is to go to CCC, assuming you are a freshman.

Not sure how you’re only four weeks in in mid-jan, though.

I am a second year, statistics major, and in my winter quarter.

You can withdraw and either re-enroll at same UC in fall, or go to a CCC. Having completed just one quarter you will not be at a disadvantage at the CCC.

Those are the two easiest options. It won’t hurt your chances at all.

^ Agree

Just, whatever you do, make sure to put it on the TAU or send it in to the UCs


I am quite confused. I am in my sophomore year at my UC, which goes by the quarter system. I have completed fall quarter, winter quarter, and spring quarter, as well as two summer session last school year. This year, I have complete fall quarter, but thinking about withdrawing for winter quarter. I will be enrolling again spring quarter and taking summer sessions. If there was any confusion, I apologize!

I don’t know if withdrawing in and of itself will have a major impact on transfer possibilities, but the fact that you said you were going to complete XYZ classes, and now you’re not, could affect your transfer. I don’t know if you’re working on GEs or major prep, but in either case, not completing them could have an impact.

Also you still need to have 90 quarter units completed by the end of spring in order to transfer, so if you withdraw from a Winter, will you have enough units?

@Wassupman99‌, ah OK. Sorry. For some reason I thought you were a freshman.

So you’re almost finished with your sophomore year. You need to talk with an advisor, but all things being equal, and you’re in good standing, your best bet might be to withdraw. You can always come back to the same UC or take some summer courses, as needed, and apply for a transfer later. As candles said, a transfer may mean a bit of extra course prep somewhere.