Withdraws/No credits?

<p>How much does this affect one's chance of admission given his circumstances? My GPA is about a 3.5, although this year, I faced a few unlucky incidents doing sports in school--</p>

<p>Fractured wrist (cast for two months)
Torn rotator cuff (sling for one month)
Bruised knee -- difficult to walk for about two weeks</p>

<p>This in culmination with the ********, 3 lab courses, and stress/home has affected me adversely this semester. I already received my first withdraw in a class/lab, and I am expecting a NC in my other lab course. I am doing well in my other lab course, and I actually plan on changing my major this semester from Biology to perhaps Psych or Sociology. Anyway, given that my GPA stays high, will these W/NC hurt me?</p>