Withholding Scores

<p>I know it's possible to withhold your scores from the college you indicated on the sheet, but can you withhold a single score from colleges after you get your scores back (after July 1). I took Langcomp, Calc BC, and I'm taking US History on friday, but I didn't do so well on BC, though my other scores will be fine. Can I decide to not send my BC score but send the others after I get them back?</p>

<p>My school doesn't send AP grades lower than 3. They white them out.</p>

<p>Deadline to withhold is June 15.</p>

<p>But that's only for the schools I listed on the sheet right (I didn't list any)? I'm talking about later, when I have to send them in with my collegeapps.</p>

<p>If you chose to send out no scores to colleges immediately (you didn't put in a college code) then yes, you can definitely withhold a single score (or multiple scores) from colleges, but it will cost you $15 each I think.</p>