<p>Would love to hear more about Wittenberg from people with experience.</p>

<p>How are academics?<br>
How is campus life?
What do kids do at night/weekends?
How is surrounding area?</p>

<p>Real world experience would be nice. Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>Academics are challenging enough,but small school setting should get you through it. You are assigned a professor as a mentor to make sure that you stay on track to graduate---in 4 years.
Put yourself out there and there is stuff to do. Wittfest is going on just about now, and they get live entertainment.The City of Springfield is a little shopworn in some areas,but you can go to some nice malls in Greene county,and Columbus is a bit further,but doable.
Many kids stay at Witt and only go home for the big holidays. That is a big contrast to the "other'' ELCA church school down the road. That other place does not even serve meals all weekend. Witt also has a few coffeehouse style places on campus where you can go when the dining hall is not open. They just put in a place that actually serves beer on campus.You still have to be 21 to drink without risking discipline. Many of the parties are in campus owned housing
The staff at Witt are really nice and very service oriented. As a parent,when I called about some financial thing or other that I did not understand,a smiling voice always answered at Witt. If I would give any mark to the place of less than superior,it would be that sometimes the dust gets a little thick on the light fixtures.
Small school atmosphere really describes the place. As a parent,we took cookies to the track team at every meet we attended.Others have taken our place. Our daughter had a rough start with homesickness,but later thrived there. Sorry that this is from a 'Rent, but no young person replied.</p>

<p>Are there any concerts going on around the campus once in a while?</p>