Wofford Culture & Campus Climate

<p>I have read the college is fairly conservative. Is the college/student body welcoming and open to liberal thought, ideas, and life perspectives?</p>

<p>Way more so than UNC Chapel Hill is open to conservative ideas!</p>

<p>yes, look at it this way, those who have more conservative views have to deal with the OVERWHELMING number of colleges that are not just liberal, but VERY liberal. The number of colleges that are even middle of the road are rare, and ones that are to the right of center are almost non-existent.</p>

<p>The prevailing accepted wisdom is that the students are conservative and the professors are liberal, but that flattens out the diversity of views that exist even within our small community. Whatever your views, liberal or conservative, you will be respected, listened to, and engaged with by the professors and your (generally) fellow students. You’ll find people and groups that tend to be more liberal, but you’ll also find people and groups that tend to be more conservative. I personally drifted to the left during my time at Wofford (I graduated last year), but I never had any problems questioning ideas, liberal or conservative, and people almost always engaged with me respectfully.</p>