Wofford or UGA

<p>Our son is looking at Wofford and UGA. We have read some very disturbing things about drug use in the UGA fraternity system. Parents, could you share your thoughts. I know he will want to be in the Greek system.</p>

In my experience at Wofford too…

Wofford’s greek system is very inclusive and that being said, there a variety of students involved. From my experience as a greek member of the student body, I don’t think drug use is as a pervasive in the Greek System at Wofford as it as large state schools and some competitor private schools. There is no peer pressure to use drugs and students who opt to participate in this behavior are generally looked down upon by their peers. As a smaller school, it definitely is not as easy to “get away” with this type of behavior on a regular basis and the college gives serious consequences to students found participating in illegal drug use.