Wofford vs. Elon, Washington & Lee and Stetson

<p>Does anyone who has visited Wofford care to make a comparison with Elon or Washington and Lee or Stetson. Would the term "southern aristocrat" apply to Wofford like it does to W&L?</p>

<p>Have friends who have attended all four schools, and my parents are Stetson Alumni ( albiet in the 1940's).</p>

<p>We just visited Wofford, since both twins have been interested. Here are my two cents:</p>

<li> Elon- great school with a growing reputation. Location near Greensboro but only another hour of so from UNC and Duke provides options for week-ends, athletics and other things going on a major universities. Elon does not have (IMO) the "prestige factor of Wofford and does not come close to Washington and Lee. I think admissions at Elon are non as competitive as those at Wofford,W&L.<br></li>
<li> Washington and Lee- in class by it's own among these 4 schools. Admissions are "most difficult". The speaking tradition there makes for a friendly campusl Fabulous honor code, gorgeous environment. Everyone I jknow who has attended truly loves W&L. The term Southern aristocrat definately applies to Wofford- it is just that a Wofford I think it is more relevant to the southern aristocrats from S.C.</li>
<li> Stetson- one of the smallest, well thought of private LAC's in Florida. When I graduated from HS in the early 70's admission was much more difficult. I believe that aspect of Stetson is on the move again. The campus, to me, has more of the feel of Wofford- but much hotter! Professors are terrific and the climate among the students is more laid-back.</li>

<p>Georgia twins reply is pretty accurate with one exception. Washington and Lee is much more "aristocratic" and has a large population of well monied students.</p>

<p>Wofford does have some students with significant resources and families of influence but they have a more balanced over all student population. A more diverse group of students is an objective of the scchool that is meet with strong levels of funding for need based and athletic students.</p>

<p>Elon is a growing on the move school. It caters more to the every day common kid and is not in the same class as W and L or Wofford acedemically.</p>

<p>The snob meter from high to low would be.</p>

<p>W and L

<p>The Academic Scale
W and L

<p>Disclosure: I am a Wofford grad (commonor) and my wife an employee of Wofford.</p>

<p>My current High school Senior has</p>

and Wofford on her short list.</p>

<p>Could anyone add Furman into the mix?</p>