Woke up this mornin' feelin' fine There's somethin' special on my mind

<p>ok guys I have a question.
Which would you pick?
Being with a roommate or going solo?
I'm having a difficult time deciding.</p>


<p>Frosh Year Roommate to make friends and the last three years I would take a single.</p>

<p>good point...
I hope I don't get stuck with like a person who is super shy cause that would suck

<p>Roommate for the majority of my years. Most schools you can choose to switch though. where r u going?</p>

<p>Herman's Hermits? Really? </p>

<p>How on earth do you know that song????</p>

<p>I'm too young to know it :), yet somehow I do.</p>

<p>lol...I love oldies music...
its a good song :)</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good (1965)_HQ</p>

<p>For all those who have no idea what we're talking about.</p>

<p>Have you heard Joan Baez's cover of It ain't me babe?
it sounds so peaceful...I love her voice =D</p>

<p>roommate... at least for me...
my freshman year roommate was a godsend for me. she had gone to preseason and met a bunch of people and on the first day she said to me "lets go! i want to introduce you to all of my friends." granted she ended up being a MAJOR unnice girl later on through high school, but if it weren't for her I wouldn't have met and become friends with the wonderful group of friends i had all throughout school. </p>

<p>however, junior and senior year i had singles and loved em.</p>

<p>smski:thanks :)
I think I'll go with a roommate for the first year.
It would probably good for me to be with someone.</p>

<p>I am probably going to go solo, but I am not trying to be a loner; it's just easier for me.</p>

<p>that's a good song :)</p>

<p>I would get a roommate if I were you... I imagine it can be pretty easy to be anti-social in a single.</p>

<p>I agree with bamagirl.</p>

maybe when im older i can get a single</p>

<p>Yeah thats a good idea lol.</p>

<p>Haha it seems like everyone on here wants a roommate except Urbanflop and I. :)</p>

<p>Here is my reasoning behind the fact that I don’t want one:</p>

<li><p>I'm VERY SOCIAL. So I don't need a roommate to help me meet people/make friends. Also, at least for me, being extremely gregarious every second of the day gets a little exhausting, so I would want my own space to chill and do HW in the evenings. </p></li>
<li><p>So far in my life, I've never met anybody that I couldn't get along fairly well with. I’m scared that when/if I ever do, it will be my roommate or another significant person and we’ll ruin each other’s lives. That possibility deeply frightens me. :P</p></li>
<li><p>I like my privacy sometimes. Not that I have anything huge to hide, I just think it’s nice to keep some things to myself, for my sake and that of others. </p></li>
<li><p>I NEED absolute silence to do most HW and other academic work, so if my roommate wanted to play music or something while we were studying in our room there would be a problem. </p></li>
<li><p>I know at lots of schools the majority of rooms are singles so students are encouraged to bond with EVERYONE, not just their roommates. I wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy and think it works well. Helps prevent the formation of cliques and exclusive groups of friends, which is good in my opinion. :)</p></li>

<p>If you want to make an extremely close friend, who you will most likely be friends with for the years that follow high school, I would recommend doubling.</p>

<p>After next year, I'll have had a roommate for all 4 years. Next year will also be my 2nd year with my current roommate, and we're probably the closest pair of friends out of anyone in our entire school.</p>

<p>if you come in as a 10th grader, would your roomate most likely be another new sophomore or a student who has come in as a freshman?</p>

<p>^^I'd like to know that too.</p>