Women’s Rugby at Denison

I know this is a club sport, I am inquiring about anyone who has had personal experience with the Women’s Rugby Team at Denison University. My daughter is interested in trying it and having been a past defender in soccer all through high school, is not afraid of contact sports. However, I did some reading and this momma is a bit concerned about full tackle and no pads or helmets. I have never seen a rugby game being played so I am curious to learn more about the game and its attention to keeping the girls and their brains safe. I love that she is interested in a club sport and the girls have all been so warm and welcoming so far. Thank you!

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Hi there, my daughter is not at Denison but she does play club rugby at Smith College and this summer she payed 7s for NOVA WFRC while doing an internship in DC. Prior to picking up rugby she had been an all-star competitive cheerleader for 9 years, a flag-football athlete and a defender in soccer and lacrosse. Rugby is by far the sport with the most physical contact out of the three. Her injuries so far include lots of gnarly bruises and a broken finger. Cheerleading was the sport with the most concussions; her rugby team has had very few of those.

Her rugby coaches are very attuned to player injury and are quick to redirect athletes to health services to get checked out and officially cleared before returning to play. You may want to have your daughter ask if club sports have access to athletic trainers, or if they are just for varsity sports.


Thank you! Great advice!