Women's vs. Mixed choir for All State

<p>I am happy to have made all state chorus in my state, but I made the all female treble choir, and not the symphonic mixed one. I am a soprano 1, and we don't do regions or anything, you just send in a tape directly to all-state. Is the female treble choir just overflow for girls that aren't quite good enough for the mixed choir, or what does it mean that I was chosen for one and not the other? I'm glad to be accepted, just wondering how they make the choice.</p>

<p>I'm sure that it varies from state to state. In Texas, the top 4 candidates from an Area (we have Region and then Area auditions) are chosen for the mixed choir (for each voice part). The next 5 are chosen for Women's or Men's Choir. So, at least in TX, mixed choir is the tippy top. But Women's and Men's Choir are nothing to sneeze at. Congratulations.</p>

<p>Our daughter went to GA All-State several years. She was in the mixed advanced group one year and the all-women's another year. I think she enjoyed the all-women's at least as much if not more. The repetoire was less known and I think more difficult. The women in general are more advanced compared to the men. So the director pulled out all the stops.</p>

<p>I remember the director telling the girls that some may be disappointed they were not in the mixed, but that they will remember the music that the all women group performed. And she has.</p>

<p>In all the years we went to All-State, the women's groups and men's groups usually were the more interesting performances. Your D will have many opportunities to perform in mixed groups. Enjoy this experience.</p>