Wonderfully helpful staff

<p>We started worrying earlier this week as my son, who has already been admitted into the honors program and the School of Engineering, has not received an official notification of any scholarship. I called KU yesterday and was promptly put in touch with the correct person. They saw the problem (an alleged missing high school transcript) which didn't make sense since one doesn't get admitted to the honors program without a transcript. She tracked it down and called me back to confirm that all was in order and that the Engineering School now also had the transcript. She called again this morning to give me a head's up on what the scholarship letter would say when it arrives next week [almost full tuition annually]. I've never received such thoughtful service from a university before. My experience with son #1's school is just the opposite. Grumpy people exclaiming it's not their department and not offering to direct you to the correct department. Hoping that son #2 accepts KU's offer...</p>

<p>Smithview - great story! I know that being admitted into the honors program definitely helps. If you have any more issues, I'd suggest you call the honors program first - there's a lot of great staffers there, even if it's just a student that picks up the phone at first. There's always some sort of faculty or honors advisor around Nunemaker (the honors program building) and they're extremely knowledgeable about everything. If you're looking for a way to "encourage" your son to go to KU, ask the admissions office or someone in the honors program to help you set up an individualized meeting with a faculty member in a department your son is looking at. I know that definitely made a big difference to me when I was looking at schools, and I ended up sending in my enrollment deposit that evening. Now that faculty member teaches my chemistry course and is my advisor in my major!</p>