Wondering about BS/MD programs

<p>Hi! I am going to go through the I.B. Diploma program at my high school. The program is going to start next year (my junior year). If I complete the program then I will be in the first graduating class of I.B. students at my high school. I would appreciate it if anybody, who took the I.B. program and went on to an accelerated medical program, would post about their experiences.</p>

<p>BTW the IB Diploma program is similar to A.P., but it offers a more holistic view. From what I have heard it is more rigorous than A.P.</p>

<p>im in IB.</p>

<p>it will do you very little good for med programs. none of mine knew wat it was..</p>

<p>None of your what? The schools you applied to. Also what do you think about IB since you're in it.</p>

From what I have heard it is more rigorous than A.P.

Bull$hit. It depends where you go to school.</p>

<p>Lockz, I guess you don't think I.B. is a good program.</p>

<p>i think IB is a wast eof time. it is loads more work for little to no recognition.</p>

<p>if i could goback in time, i would not do it.</p>

<p>Yeah, I have friends in an IB program who say it's totally not worth it. Five of them applied to the HPME and all of them got rejected without an interview.</p>

<p>Well your high school schedule is just one of the things these accelerated med programs look at. So I think that I.B. is good to put on your applications to these programs, as long as it isn't the only thing.</p>

<p>BTW, does anyone know if the writing portion of the ACT will be required if you're applying to these programs (especially UMKC).</p>

BTW, does anyone know if the writing portion of the ACT will be required if you're applying to these programs (especially UMKC).


it's much more of a hassle to research which schools do and don't require the writing. if i were you i'd just take the writing and not worry about it.</p>

<p>I.B. is very beneficial to ANY university application, for any program. It looks very prestigious, even more so than AP, because it is internationally recognized. AP is only recognized in the U.S.
Also, I.B. prepares you more for university life/studies. Every university knows what I.B. and AP are.</p>

<p>And it doesn't depend on what school you go to for I.B. because I.B. has international standards at any school and the school must maintain those standards</p>

<p>ehhh guys don't worry about it. IB and AP are the same thing. colleges don't care which one you take; they just want to see that you are taking as many of the hardest courses available.</p>

Most of the accelerated med programs which OP is talking about deals with schools in AMERICA, so I would think that I.B's international significance would have no effect at all.</p>

<p>@az1698 ,
true, but it might :/</p>

<p>I would appreciate it if someone could post a general overview of UMKC's accelerated medical program.</p>

visit the website.</p>

<p>Also, as a onetime response to UMKC's program. I realize that initially the draw is that the program is 6 years. But realize, that in those 2 years of undergraduate study that you miss, you are essentially foregoing your college experience. Graduating 2 years early might seem huge now, but 30 years from now, you will regret missing out on your college experience. Additionally, UMKC isn't the greatest program/medical school, and, with the program being 6 years, you can't really apply out. I would seriously consider all your options before considering UMKC.</p>

<p>^True, you miss out two year but you get an extra four which most people do't have.</p>

<p>Newjack88, thanks. The website is pretty helpful. Also to me it isn't about 6,7, or 8 years, it is about getting a good medical education. With that being said I have some NCAA hoops to watch. Go Memphis Tigers!!</p>