Wondering about exam formats

Wondering of anyone is willing to share the testing strategies/formats at the vet school they attend. I’ve heard a lot of different formats and am curious to hear opinions from those who have had experiences at other vet schools. Please feel free to share any information including but not limited to:
What school do you go to?
When do they test? (Weekly, biweekly, block exams, individual class exams, etc.)
How do they test? (Multiple choice, short answer, hands on, combination, etc)
What do you like and dislike about the testing format?
Does the current testing format benefit your learning? Why/why not?

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Especially about which school you go to and what their general format is. Thanks!

Have you asked over on SDN? You may get more replies over there. My son will just be entering vet school in the fall. All I know so far is that his school usually has one test per week. I know others over on SDN could answer this from several schools perspective.

I went to Cornell. We had all sorts of different kinds of exams with different kinds of frequency. Our first class was anatomy and that was divided into two exams during the course (one was 80% of the grade and the other was 20%). There was a mixture of multiple choice and short answer. Later on, we had classes that had weekly MC quizzes.
There are various different strategies. At this point in the student’s career, they probably already have a routine that is successful for them. I was the kind of student that would sit down for 10-12 hours at a time and just learn as much as possible. I also know of many people that choose to study for a few hours every single day. At the end, we will succeeded in learning the information and passing our classes.