wondering about fitness center at LC campus

<p>Is it 24 hrs? If not what are the hours. I'm a gym rat and like to work out late at night. Also how is the equipment? Is there variety? Also...do the elipticals and treadmills have tvs on them? How big is the gym? Thankss ;)</p>

<p>to be quite honest, the gym hours are something of a mystery. it used to be assumed that the gym is open except for when they clean it 10-11 in the morning, but now i think it closes at 10 at night, except it could have always closed then?
as for the equipment, i believe we are getting almost all new equipment this year due to an initiative that was worked on by the facilities committee of USG this pat year, so look for that! what i do know, though, is that there aren't tvs on the machines.</p>

<p>Honestly, if the gym is important to you you'll probably have to join a gym. The LC one is pretty limited and often had older alumni in it. There are a lot of great gyms in the area though and they usually have Fordham discounts.
The gym is pretty tiny. There are 4 ellipticals but one was broken for quite a while. There are about 4 treadmills, and 4 bikes. Luckily the gym is usually empty at night</p>