Wondering about my chances for merit aid . .

<p>Wonder if anyone could share their experiences for merit-based financial aid at Texas A&M. </p>

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic, mother born in Mexico
Attending a competitive Texas High School, top 3%. Heavy honors/AP course load
GPA 3.77 unweighted; 4.92 weighted.
AP Courses: 3 by end of junior year, 8 by graduation
PSAT: 213 (missed NM cutoff, however I am a National Hispanic Scholar).
First SAT: 2190 (1510 M+CR)
Debate team captain; National Honor Society; Student Council Vice President for Junior class, wrestling.</p>

<p>In talking with my parents, it seems that they can help me with up to $10k a year. Our EFC will probably not yield any need based financial aid. I will really look hard at schools that reward National Hispanic scholars. I would like to minimize the need for loans as much as I can. Thanks in advance for your help. </p>

<p>All comments to help me take the next steps are truly appreciated.</p>

<p>Well, this is the Auburn thread, there may be some folks who applied to both TA&M and Auburn who were awarded aid, but you will have more luck posting this question on the A&M thread -- I'm assuming you have.</p>

<p>Auburn did award more aid to NHS, but I think the scholarship was one of the casualties of scholarship cuts that occurred this summer. There are several people who post on this thread who are familiar with the particulars. You can still get the Nat'l Hispanic stipend ($1,000 or $2,000 per year -- based on need) You can also qualify for other Auburn academic scholarships. These are based on test scores and GPA. See link below:</p>

<p>Office</a> of University Scholarships - Auburn University</p>

<p>Do you all know if Auburn superscores the SAT for merit aid consideration?</p>

<p>They don't superscore it is straight up.</p>