Wondering If ERAU is too specialised as a university? Are there enough extra curricular activities?

I am looking to apply in fall 2016, was wondering if ERAU would limit my social as well as extra curricular activities. Since I enjoy sports a lot and wouldn’t want to give up on extra-curriculars.

When I visited the campus, they seemed to have TONS of clubs and activities. Most are to do with engineering (though I WAS on an engineering tour, so that probably is what caused the perception). They have a rocket club, SAE Baja club, eco-car club, many religious organizations, some greek life, some competitive sports, some club/intramural sports, and others that I’ve forgotten.

Again, disclaimer: I am not a student currently. I’ve been accepted and went on a tour earlier this month.

Also, I totally realize this post is old, but I figure it’ll help others who have the same question :slight_smile: