Wondering if there is a chance for merit money

I know that Elon has gotten uber competitive in the last couple of years and am wondering if my DD has a chance at any merit money/fellowship from there (assuming her GPA stays about the same since she is currently a junior). Since 3 of our kids will be in college at the same time, we are really trying to focus on schools she has a chance for $$ with. She has a 3.9UW/4.2W GPA, 1440 SAT (750 English 690 Math) and will have taken 3 AP classes and honors for the rest, except math. No sports, but a lot of volunteer work (over 200 hours). If allowed, she would likely apply for Honors and Communications Fellow programs. Thanks for any advice you have!

Elon would be a safety for her, so merit money should be no problem. Depending on the school (not sure if Elon is the same) merit is based solely on stats, and her’s are great.

@bertie1 I might respectfully disagree with @izrk02. I absolutely agree that her stats are great for acceptance. Presidential scholarship goes to approx top 10%. My daughter got one with ACT 35, 3.9/4.5, 6 APs, blah blah blah. I know there were folks with ACT 32 who didn’t get the presidential which is the only award that is purely stats based. Daughter applied to honors and business fellows… didn’t even get an invite to interview for honors (must have been a bad fit!) but ultimately got the business fellows which we now believe if the better place for her. In the end, the school is more than we wanted to spend. She will be paying a little more than planned, as will we. We are convinced it will be worth the expense in the end. (Didn’t hurt that her twin bro decided to spend a little time at the community college!)

FWIW… check out Wofford. Very good merit based largely on stats. Need to get school counselor to nominate for Wofford scholars by end of may (at least in past years). My d’s scholarship there would have made it same as instate (tho we have very expensive in state costs,)

Good luck!!!

I agree with @onemoremom12 . Getting merit money for Elon has gotten much more competitive. While my daughter qualified for the presidential scholarship, she did not even get asked for an interview for fellows. Remember that Elon base tuition and fees are already approximately $20,000 less than their peer institutions so they do not give as many merit scholarships out and the amount of merit money given to each student is much less compared to many other schools.