Wondering if unaccepted people just get defered from UM?

<p>Hey, maybe a stupid question but...</p>

<p>Seems like a lot of people got defered now, yet I have not seen any post about someone getting rejected... I understand it is kinda not fun to post that you got rejected, but I wonder if you know anybody else who got rejected. It seems to me that all the people here get defered, and it looks like UM just handing out deferals not any rejections right now...</p>

<p>Im OOS so I dont know any Michiganians(maybe not a real word)</p>


<p>This is just my theory... but</p>

<p>I think at CC, you see really skewed results. Why? Because first, the normal CC forum person is generally one that over achieves. If you look at the stats of people on CC, most of them are really pretty qualified for Michigan, most are matches, or slight reaches. Very rarely do you find one that's a huge reach. </p>

<p>In my opinion, a match is basically like 50/50 chance, and people that are getting deferred, are generally matches. Hence... they're qualified, but how qualified? And the adcoms will want to see their final grades... ect</p>

<p>That's just my theory.</p>

<p>i agree with Cvjn, but to answer your question, they probably flat out reject the ones who dont have a chance (the 2.5s with 1700 SATs)</p>

<p>To be honest, I haven't heard of any borderline students getting flat out rejected. So far everyone who was borderline would either be deferred or accepted. </p>

<p>UMich probably just wants to see exactly how qualified certain students are...</p>

<p>i was borderline... (3.95 um gpa, 28 act (what i got accepted with)) app was complete 11/14 and i finally heard today!
so don't lose hope!!!!!</p>

<p>Michigan does send out rejections, and has sent some out already this year, if that's what you are asking.</p>

<p>my friend applied november, just got accepted today...2.4 GPA 2370 SATs</p>

<p>"Im OOS so I dont know any Michiganians(maybe not a real word)"</p>

<p>Haha It's Michiganders. Or Yupper (pronounced You-pers) if ur from the UP</p>

<p>wow, he got in with a 2.4! thats sweet! (i mean, for him)</p>

<p>they consider the school's competitiveness.... i think that's why</p>

<p>Still no matter how hard the school is :) 2.4! Haha that's insane, congrats to your friend.</p>

<p>it was supposed to be his "match" school, according to the counsellor...but wutever, lol...a kid with 2370 SATs and 5's on 6 different AP cant be a complete dumb @ss ...</p>

<p>he's going to choose USC over michigan tho, he already got accepted...</p>

<p>anyway, wierd things happen i guess</p>

<p>I think there are 4 levels. Accepted, good deferral, bad deferral, and reject. I don't think it's really accurate to "guess" how many people get rejected, because there really isn't any way to know unless the adcoms actually release that type of info.</p>