Wondering what are the colleges I should apply to?

I have A,B,B in my A - Levels. Scored a 1030 on the SAT. Some affordable colleges or colleges where I can easily attain instate residency. I’m an international student -/- citizen.

I am not aware of any state where an international student can do this.

@intparent Aren’t there some or at least one in the Midwest that does this? Oh sorry. When I saw citizen, I thought US. Dual citizenship.

What can you afford @Chaithanya8

I highly doubt you will be able to get in state tuition without actually living in the state. And what is affordable for you? I doubt with a 1030 that scholarships would be an option. Some schools may offer enough financial aid to make them affordable for you. Run some NPCs at unis you’re interested in.

I am US Citizen. Did my education abroad. Want to know where I can attain in-state tuition

20K - 30K is my budget totally.

Say I live in Texas for a year or two. Then I’d be able to apply for In-State tuition correct? I’m just looking at cheaper colleges. My SATs aren’t great but I’m really hoping that I can pull through with all the other components in my application.

Were you born in the US? If so, which state? Could your parents be considered residents of a certain state?

You can sometimes obtain instate by living in a state for a year. I know I saw this for one or two of the less populated states in the Midwest. A popular college state like Texas, likely not. California, no also. Are you interested in the less populated Midwest states? What is your major?


Here’s a link showing which states are the easiest and hardest to obtain in state tuition.

^That is an awesome link. Looks like Texas is possible with work.

Absolutely. I was born in Georgia. Never lived in the states though. I’m looking at Economics/Business major. Preferably Business.

Born in Georgia. Never lived in the states unfortunately.

You have to live in the state for a year without attending college. A 1030 SAT will limit you to third tier schools though.

Are SAT scores that taken that seriously? I’ve done better in a much harder syllabus. A syllabus where I can get a year of credit. Please cheer me up.

SAT scores are taken very seriously by many schools. Why? Because they are the only way admissions committees can measure students with the same measure. Your “hard syllabus” may not be as rigorous as another student’s, and it may be far more difficult than some. How can a college tell who is prepared? By looking at SAT scores.

Your best bet is to apply to test optional schools, which only take scores into consideration if you send them.