Wondering why there is no Economics sub-forum in the College Majors forum

Economics is the number one major - by number of students enrolled in a major - at many schools including Harvard and Yale that don’t have undergraduate Business schools.

Wondering why there is no Economics sub-forum in the College Majors forum…

Economics would normally be under “social science majors” (a rather large and popular group of majors), except that there is no such sub-forum for “social science majors” either.


Since there are an incredible number of majors that could be talked about and many folks get confused about what category to post in, I created an “economics-major” tag and added it to this post. This way, we can talk about economics in any category and there’s a way to reference all the discussions about economics by simply clicking the tag.

We’re increasingly preferring use of tags over categories since that’s the way most sites work nowadays (think hashtags on twitter/fb, tags on Stackoverflow, Quora, Reddit). Many subjects also span categories (i.e. I want to talk about econ majors at Harvard and Yale - do I post in Yale, Harvard, or College Majors? I’m applying, do I post in Admissions?). Tags allow users to identify subjects in the post no matter where it is posted.



However, the lack of a “social science majors” sub-section under college majors seems odd, given that it is a large grouping of popular majors (including economics, psychology, political science, sociology, history, area/ethnic studies), while some much smaller majors or major groupings are present (e.g. several different arts majors).