Wood working classes

<p>Are there wood shop classes available to undergrad students? I'm an EECS major but I loved wood shop and metal shop in middle school and high school so I was wondering if the same type of class is offered to students at Berkeley.</p>



<p>I don't think there is a specific class on wood/metal working. But it's possible that the art department may have some of the equipment. I've heard that for some of the classes they allow you to use whatever medium in whatever way you wish to. I figure there would be a few students interested in this, so the equipment may be around...You can try emailing the department and asking.</p>

<p>Don't know if there is a class on woodworking, but I'm almost sure there is a club for wood working. Heck, we even have club for quidditch practice using broomsticks.</p>

<p>There is a machine shop in etcheverry for working with metal. You can take a few training classes to learn the machines (lathe, mills, drill presses, etc.) and you can start making your own stuff. There is no formal metal working class yet though.</p>

<p>For wood working you might wanna try the architecture people in Wurster, I'm sure there's a wood working shop there.</p>

<p>@flumoxed: When you say there are training classes for the machines, are they formal classes? If not, how would I go about signing up for these classes? </p>

<p>@UpMagic: Good point. I'll look into the clubs now.</p>

<p>@jbtheeunknown: Another good point. I'll try contacting the departments to ask.</p>