Woohoo! I'm first to post here!

<p>Took me 24 hours to figure out that the old CC was replaced by new one! Duh!</p>

<p>LOL! Great to see you around. How goes life at Tufts for JJ, my favourite freshman Jumbo?</p>

<p>Hiya aries! He's adjusting really well, is VERY happy, making friends, working hard in classes, getting involved in music ECs... life is good at Tufts. :)
How's my favorite law student?</p>

<p>jj's mom - read on another thread that you'll be at parents weekend and already
have restaurants selected! What are some of JJ's favorites as we don't live in the
area? My D is also loving Tufts and adjusting well.</p>

<p>Hi! LOL - I'm doing pretty well. Fall break is finally here - two school days off. :) What a relief. We're about half-way through the semester, and I think I'm holding up. Still certain that law is where I should be. </p>

<p>Cali: what types of restaurants are you looking for? Generally, Davis Square has a few good ones and a lot of good sandwich places. Diva (Indian) is my personal favourite. Harvard Square, a few stops down the Red Line, is full of phenomenal dining. For the more adventerous, try the restaurants on Mass Ave. Parking isn't easy to find, fyi. Marino's is great (had graduation lunch there!) - quite popular among faculty. Franks Steakhouse is Zagat rated and has (according to my carnivorous friends and family) the best steak around - marinated in bourbon for four days.</p>

<p>Hi Cali, funny that Aries mentions Diva, because that will be where we are on Friday, as JJ has a wind ensemble concert at 8 pm and so we want to stay within walking distance of Tufts that night. Saturday we'll either go into Harvard Square and hit up Fire and Ice or continue onto Boston and go to either Durgin Park or No Name Restaurant. Sunday we're going on a car trip into Ipswich to go to the Clam Box. I grew up in Peabody on the North Shore and can't tell you how many times I was there as a child. It's very informal and fun, and I want to introduce my son to the gastronomical (and artery hardening) delights there.</p>

<p>Cali, hope you made hotel reservations already! Amerisuites is price gouging us badly, but they offer shuttle transportation to campus so we're biting the bullet and digging deep into our pockets that weekend for lodging.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info JJ's mom and Aries. We would like to go to the North
End for one dinner. I have been to a wonderful place there but can't
remember the name -cenecera? Name of a great restaurant there would be
good. We also love seafood - love Legal Seafoods. Some of your other
suggestions sound good too. Are there any other especially good seafood
places? I ate at Durgin Park as a kid!</p>

<p>Yes, we already have room reservations - also at Amerisuites. I made them
in August when I delivered my daughter. We stayed at Tage Inn then but
they were already booked for parent's weekend. Actually the price I got
at Amerisuites was less than Tage. Seemed pretty reasonable to me.
We're really looking forward to the trip. I've never been to New England in
the fall and am imagining it will be beautiful!</p>

<p>JJ'smom - How far is the "Clam Box" trip from Tufts? That sounds fabulous
and H is especially fond of "artery hardening" delights! We will have a car
and as I am uncertain about how much time D will really want to spend with us we need to think of some alternate entertainment although it sounds like
she really does want to see us. We plan on being flexible and spontaneous,
as difficult as that may be these days!</p>

<p>Hi Cali. We went to the North End when we dropped off JJ, a great choice! We might even return after Saturday night dinner for a cannoli and a capuccino. :)</p>

<p>We have a Legal Seafood locally, so obviously won't go there in Beantown. "No Name" is a wonderful seafood place on the Harbor. Kind of hard to find though. Later, I'll see if I can locate the address online for you. </p>

<p>Now, regarding Clam Box... it's a dive. It's a restaurant shaped like a take out box! Just picnic tables inside and out, but the food is YUM. It's about 1/2 hour north of Boston. Another idea, if you have time for a trip, is Rockport and Gloucester, just a bit further north on Route 95. Gloucester has an absolutely gorgeous rocky beach -- look for the fisherman statue -- and as you'd expect, tons of excellent, reasonably priced seafood restaurants. Rockport is a bit more upscale, has a thriving artists colony if you enjoy that type of thing (I do!), and is fun to explore. Also along the North Shore is Marblehead and Salem, really neat towns that are sooo "New England." Of course, I wish I had more than Sunday morning and afternoon to sight see, but we'll need to head out by 4 pm at the very latest. :/ </p>

<p>Hope this is helpful. :)</p>

<p>Try to the hot chocolate and whipped cream at Brown and Brew; grab a croissant there, too. Honestly, on my "to do" list in MA is to go back to Tufts to grab them. :)</p>

<p>Fire and Ice in Harvard Square is a lot of fun, but a long wait. Lunch and dinner are the same price, so go for dinner. </p>

<p>If you aren't from the east coast, try Bertucci's (Alewife one - route 2 area) is just as close as Harvard Square and doesn't have a wait. </p>

<p>As I'm vegetarian, I can't give a completely comprehensive list of places to try. But... Bombay Club and Cafe of India in Harvard Square are phenomenal for Indian (better than Diva, though it's still good). Spice has Thai... oh, if you are up for splurging, get dessert at Finale. It's very expensive, but heavenly and quite addicting (I'm trying to get my friends to FedEx their baked goods, to no avail. ;) ). Pho Pasteur has great Vietnamese, is inexpensive, and quick. </p>

<p>I'll post more when I think of some of my old haunts. </p>

<p>Jj'smom: we grew up in the same area! :) I'll drop an email.</p>

<p>Ack! How could I forget! The Border Cafe has great Mexican/Creole - there is usually a long wait, but it's worth it. Inexpensive, good, and margaritas to die for. </p>

<p>If you're up for a Boston trip, try the places on Newbury Street. Kashmir is the best for Indian (at least in my Indian-obsessed dining experience). Sonsie is excellent - the place to be in Boston. There is a big price range there, so you can do it fairly inexpensively. Meander down to the Red Room while you wait - very swank.</p>

<p>Stephanie's on Newbury is pretty pricey but quite possibly the most incredible food I've ever had.</p>

<p>Hi Everybody! Husband will be coming out for parents wekend. First thing on D's "get Daddy to buy me list" is a new desk chair. The clunker in South is hard on her back. I have heard that Boston is going to be wild that weekend, something about a rowing regatta called The Head of the Charles....does anybody know about this? D also wants to go to restaurants so will pass on the recomendations listed. We thought the Amerisuites was pricy for that weekend also,I made the reservation at same time I made drop off reservation (Drop off weekend rate was $99/night, parents weekend paying $179+) D is doing well. Loves Tufts, loves Boston. She's joined the debate team and will be at Harvard this weekend. I am reading from her feminist philosophy book list.That's made for some interesting discussions when she calls home on Sundays. I have been sending care packages every other week or so, she complains about the hike to the mail room, but seems to be enjoying the little things, like her favorite jelly bellys and a spare $20 tucked in with cookies. It's cold here so I am knitting now, by the time I get done all of South Hall will have scarves and hats from Alaska.Husband is hoping to take D for a ride away from school and Boston. D has never seen fall in the Northeast.I am certain they will find back roads to explore. Husband hopes to find time for a picnic and a place to kick some leaves.</p>

<p>Thanks to JJ's mom and Aries for the restaurant recommendations! We'll see how many we can fit in. Crabby Lady - ouch on the room reservations! I also made
reservations when I dropped D off in August and I got a $99 rate for parent's weekend. Makes me nervous that they made a mistake but I have a written printout.
Did you indicate that you were there for Tufts University because I think there is a discount? My D is also in South so maybe she will end up with a handknitted Alaskan

<p>Cali! Hi! Hang on to your printout. Definitely said we were coming back for Tufts parents weekend, they pretty much said take it or leave it.Good for you.
Where is your D living? D is South 232. Trust me, the stuff I am knitting is nothing special, just cheaper to ship and less fattening than cookies.</p>

<p>Hiya Crabby, ltns, huh? Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Tell hubby that foliage is at the peak right now, he will get his fill of gorgeous fall New England landscape!</p>

<p>Some time ago, Jj told me he was going to join the debate team too! I wonder if he actually did though.</p>

<p>Cali, you are VERY lucky. We also had the $99 rate for moving in, but they nailed us for parents weekend, which we reserved at the same time. </p>

<p>Later! :)</p>