Woohoo, Thank You Michigan for the lowest tuition increase in 26 years...

<p>According to the news yesterday, U of Mich has announced its lowest tuition increase in 26 years -- 1.5 percent. As a parent, I feel like I won a small lottery ;)
Since I believe in expressing gratitude when folks have my back, I just want to say thanks!</p>

<p>U-Michigan</a> approves 1.5 percent tuition increase - chicagotribune.com</p>

<p>that's awesome!</p>

<p>It's only 1.5% for in-state students. 3% for out of state students.</p>

<p>As an OOS parent, I'll agree that 3% isn't too bad. Considering all the tax increases coming our way...it could have been much worse.</p>