Woolley Hall/Pembroke Campus

<p>I'm an incoming freshman to Brown and I just got my room assignment. I am in Woolley Hall, which is part of the Pembroke Campus. Any opinions on my room placement? Be honest if I'm stuck in a not-so-good dorm =)</p>

<p>Lucky. Big rooms, right by the VW (our other dining hall, which typically has better lunches than the ratty).</p>

<p>I was a Pembroke kid and will miss it dearly come fall when I live on Main Campus. Pembroke is fantastic for freshmen because it has a sizeable number of people (about 500 freshmen, plus perhaps 200-300 upperclassmen) but is spread out. The buildings aren't overwhelmingly big, nor do they have confusing layout. This way, you get to meet a lot of people but have a lot of space. You're also in close proximity to the Gate, which is a big hangout spot, and the VDub is great.</p>

<p>Woolley is a nice dorm. Although I didn't live there, I had several friends who did. The rooms are spacious and bright, and the dorm itself (the whole EmWool-MoChamp complex) doesn't feel claustrophobic.</p>

<p>Seriously, consider yourself lucky to be on Pembroke. There are perks to living on any part of campus freshmen year, but I was very happy with my Pembroke experience.</p>

<p>Any opinions on New Pembroke?</p>

<p>Which NP are you in?</p>

<p>I liked NP3 last year. This summer it was renovated, so it will be <em>much</em> nicer inside.</p>

<p>NP is ugly, riotproof, and strange. People love to rag on it. ResLife brags how NP won a design contest the year it was built: a good lesson on the ephemeralness of architecture trends.</p>

<p>Woolley is pretty nice. Better than Keeney! </p>

<p>Though I didn't live on Pembroke, I think it's a pretty sweet area, closer to Thayer, the VW, and much quieter than main campus.</p>

<p>Sweet, I got my room assignment as well. Anyone know about Emery? (sorry for using your thread, hope you don't mind =))</p>

<p>Emerey is the same building as Woolley, just another wing. Equally nice.</p>

<p>I lived in a single in Wooley this past spring. The doubles I saw were nice. New Pembroke seemed a bit cramped, in comparison.</p>

<p>...New Pembroke rooms are large, just in an odd configuration (then again, I lived in Perkins, and for Brown, I had a small room)</p>

<p>It depends. The corner rooms are large but their configuration makes almost none of the space usable.</p>

<p>I am very sorry to 'hijack' this thread, but does anyone have any idea about Perkins Hall? I opted for quiet housing, and got this residence hall. Is it good? Or is it one of the terrible ones?</p>

<p>Okay, I lived in NP3, in a corner room, and I would say that the configuration actually did nothing to the space. While neither my roommate nor I had a lot of stuff, we did have a few extra pieces of furniture that we brought along, and we had no trouble storing things. I was also able to move my desk around without any trouble.</p>

<p>NP3 isn't really cramped, either. The rooms are still spread out down the hallway. It's not Andrews, but it's not bad. I wish people wouldn't give it such a bad reputation––I, and many of my hall mates, showed up hating NP3 and then really liked the dorm by the end of first semester.</p>

<p>There's also a secret passage in the basement. Go find it.</p>

<p>About Perkins: which floor in Perkins? Last year Perkins 2 was sub-free and Perkins 3 was quiet. The rooms in Perkins are nice (though on the small side), but the lounge is great, and the dorm traditionally gets very close.</p>

<p>All I will say is that I will miss Pembroke VERY much next year! Consider yourselves lucky :-P (Not that there's anything wrong with the other dorms on campus...but I prefer Pembroke!)</p>

<p>I'll miss the community I had in Perkins. Quiet is probably third-floor. That means, if you want to hang out with anyone besides third-floorers, you need to make a little effort to come downstairs every once in a while. Perkins though has the best place for socializing of any freshman dorms (at least in my opinion), because it's got a large ground-floor lounge, which most the people in the dorm use.</p>

<p>Well, all the email from the Office of Residential Life says is,</p>

<p>• Room Assignment: PERKINS HALL 320 Quiet</p>

<p>It looks like chsowlflax17 is right as usual. My only concern is that the rooms should not be too small so as to be excessively cramped, and naturally unbearable!</p>

<p>They're not. If you've seen other college dorms (i.e. state schools, especially Berkeley) they're going to be some of the largest doubles around. The real difference with Perkins' rooms is that they're long instead of wide, so they have a different layout, and you and your roommate are forced a little closer together. Personal advice to make the space larger: stack your dressers, or get bed-risers (perkins beds are already higher than most) and stick your fridge and dresser beneath your bed.</p>

<p>Other thing I should have done with my room last year: try to make the configuration such that you can work on your laptop, in a darkened room, without blaring a light into your roommate's face. My roomie and I changed the configuration quite a bit (and freed up a ton of floor space), but if I wanted to work late, I'd either go to the kitchen (for Perkins, one on each floor), the lounge, or the sciences library.</p>

<p>^That sure helped chsowlflax17! I am an international student, and so have not really seen anything of Berkeley, or, as a matter of fact, any other American university, including Brown. I will keep your advise in mind, and will surely employ what you suggest!</p>

<p>On a completely unrelated note, could you please tell me how to set up class schedules using some Brown service that I keeping forgetting the name of? I am new to the system, and am having a lot of trouble comparing the schedule of the six classes that I need to fill in the Online Course Preference Form, due tomorrow!</p>

<p>mochacourses.com should work
as should the "course scheduler" on Banner (selfservice.brown.edu)</p>