Wooster: Class of 2024 Early aid estimator

My daughter applied EA to Wooster on 11/6 and we submitted the early aid estimator form the same day. We got an email yesterday with a very generous aid estimate. My question is:

  1. Does Wooster meet 100% of the predicted aid based on the early estimator? Are we getting excited unnecessarily? There is no way we can afford Wooster without a generous aid.
  2. How does this reflect on my daughters chances of getting admitted?
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Our estimator matched the final offer closely. This was a few years ago.

I assure you the people at Wooster are genuine and forthcoming. Wooster isn’t the type of place to make big promises then pull the rug out. Will it be exact? I don’t know. But it should be close.

If it’s a large award, I think you can feel pretty good about seeing a positive response. A small-ish award, you’ll have to wait and see.
Also, this thread will likely get moved over to the Wooster sub-section. By all means head over and read the plethora of old threads specific to Wooster. There’s some great info over there!!
Good luck to your daughter! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ChaosParent23. It is a fairly large award but I don’t think that they would have reviewed my daughters application yet. Estimator email came from the office of financial aid.

I can only give you a snapshot of our experience for comparison. Last year we did the same thing, submitted an early estimator. It came back w/ some loans, some work study, and a large grant… I want to say somewhere in the $30k range.
DS’s stats at the time were 4.3 WGPA, 31 ACT, non-recruited varsity athlete, quadruple legacy (aunt, uncle, both parents.)

He ended up pulling his app just a few hours before officially hearing back b/c he got into his ED school. But we know unofficially that he got in w/ a bit more merit than the $30k after submitting a 32 ACT. We never saw the difference that it made from the original FA estimate, but it would’ve likely been very close.

I asked a similar question on another thread. My daughter applied ED and received her acceptance with a merit award a little bit higher than the estimate. I hope your daughter hears soon with equally good news!!!

@bluemoon2020, Congratulations! Is your daughter in class of 2024? When did you hear from Wooster?

Thank you!!! She is class of 2024 and heard back late last week. I hope you hear soon! The waiting is stressful…

Hello how did she already hear from them?I also applied for the class of 2024 and the deadline was 15th November. They said decisions come out on 15th December. When did your daughter apply??

Some kids get early notification - my D did in her year.

My D got accepted and was awarded the Dean’s scholarship which gives her $33,000 a year. However, Wooster is way beyond our means and we would have to receive a lot of need-based aid. We have submitted Fasfa and our EFC is around 12,000. How likely is it they would give us enough need-based aid to make it possible? We excited but trying to curb our enthusiasm.

Wooster cost is definitely not the worst, but not very cheap. I have 0 EFC, and I hope that mean I can afford to go to Wooster.

IMHO, the early aid estimator is very accurate. They have access to nearly all of your student’s data (from the form) and are able to make decisions on the information they receive. I had concerns about whether it was all that accurate and messaged our contact person on campus. They replied with all that I have mentioned above. We had deep concerns that it might not be all that affordable, even with an average award of $33-$37K in Merit Scholarship awards. Our SAR was nearly identical to our early aid estimator. We were very satisfied with the quality of their EAE experience.