Wooster EA Class of 2025

My daughter received her EA admittance the day before Thanksgiving with a large merit scholarship and is really excited as Wooster is in her top 3 schools. Anyone else out there get good news?


Congratulations to your daughter! We have not heard anything yet, but my D21 just auditioned for a music scholarship a week or two ago. When did your daughter apply?


@jhugge Congratulations to your D! My S21 also heard from Wooster last week with a great merit scholarship. I think it is in his top 3 favorites as well. He really liked it when we visited last November (as did my husband and I). @Teachme21 he applied October 17th and heard on Nov 24th.


@nichols51 Congratulations to your son! Thank you for the dates. I’m sure we’ll hear from them soon.

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Waiting to hear for my daughter. Nice to hear that some decisions have been made; perhaps it won’t be until late December (like we were prepared for) before we find out. Congrats folks. Great school. :slight_smile:

Her app was submitted around October 15. She did not apply for the college scholar program initially because I had heard it delayed EA responses until closer to Christmas. She will likely apply for it soon for the January deadline. Her other top schools are Wheaton (MA), Bowdoin, and Tufts. Wooster was a late addition, but she really felt at home there.

She won’t hear from the latter 2 until March since she wasn’t sure enough about any to do ED. Good luck!


Congrats to all! Still waiting here. D applied a few days before the deadline and did not apply for CS.

@jhugge: Congrats on the Wooster news. Our daughter did do the college scholar app, so I’ll be prepared for delayed word. FYI, our son goes to Wheaton MA (he and we love it; can’t imagine a better school). Great list of favorites for your daughter!


Congratulations, JHUGGE! That’s wonderful that your daughter got good news early! Our S21 hasn’t heard yet; he applied EA via Common App on 10/17. Similar to Teachme21’s daughter, he recently submitted his music audition recording. Hopefully we’ll hear soon! We think it’s a lovely school!


@Nichols51 and @jhugge, can you please tell me whether Wooster sent the news via email or snail mail? TY!

@HApplyEverAfter S21 got an email telling him that he had a status update on the Wooster application portal. He then got a snail mail envelope a day or two later.


Thank you, @nichols51!

Just checked the portal one day and it was updated. Snail mail came soon after. Never received an email.

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@jhugge Thank you!

Thanks for starting this conversation and congrats to those already accepted! My D21 applied 10/1 and received email suggesting she apply for CS which she did 11/14. Wooster was not on our radar a year ago, but has gradually climbed the list. Great visit this summer — admissions staff, coaches, campus tour — I think has pushed it into her Top 2. Just waiting now.


@Niko0402: Just curious what top choice #2 is. :slight_smile: Best of luck to your daughter!

Hope College. She is very focused on undergrad research in a lab science and we both are impressed with what appears to be genuine faculty interest in hands-on research opportunities at both Wooster and Hope. Denison high on her list, too, I think.

To anyone who applied EA with scores, can they be self reported or r official scores required?

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@ajwetzel This is from Wooster’s site:

“To support access and reduce submission barriers for applicants who choose to submit their scores, Wooster will accept self-reported test scores directly from the application or a score report PDF submitted by the applicant.”

I would just check the portal to make sure they say they’ve “received” your scores.


@ajwetzel - we emailed unofficial scores print screen to our regional admission person after D applied. It appeared on on her portal within few days.