Wooster email account?

<p>So I decided to go to Wooster!.. and i just registered for the summer ARCH program and it said it would send a confirmation email to my wooster email account.
and i dont have one
so i was just wondering if this email info came in a letter or email or something</p>

<p>yes you do.</p>

<p>it's the first letter of your first name and your entire last name, plus 14 since you are a member of the class of 2014. OIT or another related department should be sending out information with this login along with your temporary password soon.</p>

<p>for example, my wooster email is:</p>

l= Laura
miller= my last name
12= class year (2012)</p>

<p>yours, based on your CC username (pretending this is your real name lol) would be: