Wooster Off-Campus Housing


I was accepted at the College of Wooster for 2019 fall. I was offered a good scholarship amount so I was thinking about going there.

I will definitely live on-campus for my freshman year. But, I would like to choose the off-campus option for the next three years due to financial problem. However, I heard that Wooster has a strong policy which encourages students to live on-campus for all years. I am also aware that even if the school allows students to move off-campus, they reduce financial aid.

I just want to know what percentage of students live off-campus and how did they get permission? Is there any convenient housing outside of the campus? Even if I have permission to move off-campus, how much average the school will cut my financial aid?

Thank you.

I was accepted at COW too and I have the same question too >:D<

It’s very rare to live off campus at Wooster. 99% of students live in some sort of campus housing, be that dorms or theme houses. The only students I’ve heard being granted off campus living are the non-traditional types. I’ve heard of a few students w/ a young child, or are finishing up a credit or two, that sort of thing. Even those who are from Wooster, live on campus typically. I can’t speak to the financial aid issue. Your best bet is to call or email the Financial Aid Office as well as the Housing Office to get answers to your questions.

Thank you so much.