Wooster Plus Program

For all families considering the College of Wooster, here is some news about a new program CoW is instituting.

Wooster Plus Program
This basically allows students extra tuition-free semesters to complete a 4-year degree. A more complete description is at the link, but here is a short quote.

There are a few conditions, but they all make perfect sense to me. For instance, one condition is that the student has a 2.0 GPA, which seems perfectly reasonable to me.

In this distracting time of C19, it’s nice to see at least one college doing something to make it easier for students and to reduce student stress.

This looks like it only is in effect for already registered students (students must be registered full time in the 2020-2021 school year). It sounds like a great program, but not necessarily one in effect for prospective students…

Thanks for that correction @beebee3. I overlooked that. You’re right, still a good thing, but not exactly what I thought it was.