Word Smart

<p>Has this helped anybody on their SAT1 verbal? If so, how much did your verbal go up? Thanks</p>

<p>definately i had a 640 V the first time i took it and now i have a 790V great help for analogies and sent completions</p>

<p>Ye. I have this book and it's great. Not just the word list but also the tips. The mnemonic devices are especially good for those weirder words (the ones we'll never use again) (oh wait, that's most of them!!!) that just aren't sticking.</p>

<p>helped me a ton......words from book on last test... circumspect, sanguine, and i'm sure tons of others i cant remember 3 weeks later!</p>

<p>Such a great vocab book , dun think I'll ever put it down!</p>

<p>Wow! That sounds great! I'm definitely going to buy it. Would you say it was better reading that than studying a prep book?</p>

<p>so helpful, i used it to study for the psat, and my score improved from a 63v to a 78v</p>

<p>I improved from ~550 to 640 using it, along with vocab flash cards.</p>