Words and / or Phrases Which Make You Squirm!

I was thinking about this this morning as I was describing a cake I made, to a friend, I said “it’s so moist” to her, the word “moist” is like nails on a chalkboard!

One phrase I have significant difficulty with is when the male in the partnership says: “we are pregnant” and subsets of that “we are in labor” we had a c-section" we are breastfeeding" etc You get the idea!

“At the end of the day…”

“Let me be clear…”


Should/could/would OF. It’s HAVE!!!

Myself, unless you are using it to signify you did something yourself, and even then it’s probably not needed. “I brushed my teeth MYSELF” = ‘I brushed my teeth.’ Myself /= me

@twoinanddone My favorite is ‘speaking on behalf of myself’

I read the thread title, and before I even opened it I thought “moist” as well! I have known others with the same aversion to that word.

Saliva - I can’t read any post about those tests! I hate most anything mouth related.

I also hate words/phrases that are overused and seem like a fad. In the old days it was hoodie. Call it a sweatshirt! Also things like “protect the vulnerable.” Not that I disagree with the sentiment, but ugh… I’m so tired of hearing that phrase.

Any slang for pregnant (preggers, preggo) makes me cringe. Hard to even type that.

Recent new uses of “calculus” and “organic”

“Based off of” instead of “based on.” If they’re equivalent, then shouldn’t “on base” and “off base” mean the same thing? Might make baseball more interesting.

Also, pronouncing “women” as “woman.” First time I heard it was at a presentation by the director of a women’s shelter, and I thought I’d misheard, but because it was repeated so often, e.g. “when ‘woman’ come the the shelter”, “we serve ‘woman’ from many communities” etc. I realized I hadn’t misheard. There’s a local television reporter who does the same thing, drives me nuts.

Just found a blog post about why people hate the word moist, and the science behind word aversion. It linked to an abstract on word aversion by some professors from Oberlin and Trinity. They found that 20% of their sample had an aversion to “moist.” Other disliked words include “slacks” and “luggage.” (I don’t think I can link the blog or Google doc, but it’s a lengthy paper.)

“Journey” and “bloom where you are planted”.

Regurgitate. (Just say “vomit”…granted that is almost as bad a term!)


My daughter detests moist and tummy.


I hate that people use that on social media. It’s just…ugh.

Gaslighting. So overused these days. I see this word everywhere.
Dog whistle-same issue
“Let’s unpack this” same issue—so overused!
Tippy top
“Full stop”-getting into the overuse realm.

Calling breasts “the girls.” Please no.

I despise the phrase “I threw up in my mouth a little bit”.

Also hate, “Wow, just wow”!

Irregardles… it’s regardless.
“I,” when it should be “me.”

As in, “please reply to John and I.” It should be “me.”

Since that is the correct British English term for “period”, you could be in constant state of squirming the next time you visit the UK :smiley: