Words Fail

The first part of Words Fail from Dear Evan Hansen for a summer program audition. My son and I are having a disagreement about whether it is on the “Do Not Touch” list. He sings it beautifully. I cried when I heard him sing it the first time and I have never cried at a song he has sung. Is it still bad idea to use it?

Use it! The most important thing is that he sings it well. They are looking for talent, plain and simple, and if this showcases his voice and acting the best, that’s only to his advantage. The first piece he sings in any audition should always be something he could sing incredibly well under pressure, even if nervous, even if sick that day. It will also calm him down for whatever else he sings next. Performers should always try to go by that rule.

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I agree based on D’s experience. Connection with the material is better than less of a connection with a more obscure song.

The challenge is there are so many unbelievable versions of this song out there right now that the auditors will undoubtably be comparing him. Just make sure if he sings it, he’s really hitting it out of the park and I think most important, making it his own. If he’s finding moments in the material that show the auditors S as a performer, then yes. If you watch recordings and find that he’s slipping in to what he’s seen Ben Platt do with the material, that could be risky.