Wordsmart- anyone use it?

<p>wordsmart- is it helpful for anyone? what about both editions, the blue and the green book?</p>

<p>Though I've never really used it, my English teacher from last year pulled all her weekly vocabulary words from it (don't know what edition) and it helped it a lot, actually.</p>

<p>word smart, if you have time to memorize both editions, would be enough.</p>

<p>I used WS. Basically because I spend a lot of time traveling for my hobby (figure skating) so I bought WS CDs to listen in the car. Then I bought the book. It is good. It has a lot of words, not as concentrated as DH, but it's good. The CDs are kind of nice too.</p>

<p>How many words is each book?</p>

<p>no idea, theres around 86 "lists" which have like 12 words each so do the math. the first book, the blue one, im guessing is a lot easier than the second book, the green one? anybody know? and what is the difference between wordsmart and DH, am i going to be missing out on anything if i have ws?</p>

<p>I don't remember how many words and it's actually hard to count even by looking at the book. DH hits has about 200 per book. DH has fewer words and in a way it's better. If you finish DH you should go for WS. The more list you have contact with the better.</p>

<p>Wordsmart has been so helpful. Hopefully i'll get through the second version this summer and have a myriad of vocab entering my college years! anyone know about the wordsmart grammar or any other helpful books this company produces? love the books - just hoping i can get more out of anything else they're offering!</p>

<p>I didn’t get the book version. I had the 4 CD set, the one that guarantees that your SAT score will improve more than 200 points, or something like that. Anyway, my score went from 1595 to 2180 so I’d say it worked!</p>

<p>Just read the first post. Wordsmart is great. It’s really important to knwo how to use the words in sentences, which is what Wordsmart does. I would definitely recommend it!</p>

<p>WS is good–I consider it the “baseline” SAT vocab source, but not a complete prep.</p>