Work Experience...One better?


<p>I was wondering...
Would it make a difference if I worked for Kumon (learning center for kids) versus as a cashier for CVS? If I make relatively the same amount of $, will one seem better on a college app than another? </p>

<p>Also, if I volunteered at a medical center during summer of soph. yr, at an art museum during the summer of b/f my jr yr, and worked at either kumon or cvs and maybe volunteered at the museum again this summer...will that show inconsistency? I did that to gain experience and see what different occupations are like, and for the art museum...I volunteered their b/c I enjoy art...</p>


<p>AnyOne?? Help would be appreciated...</p>

<p>It doesn't make any difference where you work or even if you work unless you have to work to help support your family.</p>

<p>Choose the job and volunteer opportunities that you'd most enjoy. High school and college for that matter are times of learning about yourself and your interests. You don't get brownie points for staying with the same thing forever. It's fine to explore different things. Go into depth in the ones that most interest you.</p>

<p>Thank You very much!!</p>