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<p>I was accepted early to Columbia and while completing scholarship applications, I've become confused by Columbia's financial aid policy. I understand that scholarships will only reduce my work-study and not my or my parents' contribution. However, people have been saying that there is no point in looking for scholarships, since work-study money goes into the pockets of students anyway. I thought that work-study was meant to pay off part of my tuition. Can someone clear this up and let me know if there's any point to applying to scholarships?</p>

<p>We are in the same boat. I read through everything on Columbia’s Financial Aid website and the letters that were sent outlining costs. It stated that the work study money went towards necessities of college life. These are listed in the breakdown of the overall cost in a letter that you should have received. Somewhere it specifically mentions toiletries and possible books if I am not mistaken. It is pretty much there to give you the cash that you need for the expected costs outside of the tuition, meal plan, room, etc. I hope that helps.</p>

<p>I also got admitted early. Here’s what I understand:</p>

<p>Work study goes directly into your pocket, like a waged job. It’s subsidized by the government and you do around 10 hrs a week (typically $8 - $10/hr). It’s supposed to cover living expenses (like soap, laundry, etc.) that is not included in the cost of attendance. Outside scholarships will only cover the work study amount, and any money after that will reduce the Columbia grant. Your contribution thru summer employment, and your parents contribution (typically for what is left) will not change whatsoever. </p>

<p>I agree that scholarships seem pointless in the light of this… Unless you’re dedicated to not working, it really only goes to Columbia’s pockets at no benefit to yourself. I think work study would be beneficial, too, so you can put something on a resum</p>

<p>I’m also in the same boat as you guys. Might want to check my thread from a few months ago: </p>

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<p>BorneoQueen mentioned that her daughter received the scholarship money as a cash refund from Columbia because she had no tuition to pay. I know there’s a few scholarships that I’m almost guaranteed to get from my community so I’m thinking about asking the FA advisers if I can receive the scholarship checks back once they’re sent to the school. I definitely don’t want my Work Study allotment to be reduced by scholarships…</p>

<p>The work study that Columbia offers is not government subsidized. That is a difference program, which I know nothing about besides the fact that on the cost breakdown it saiys “this is not federal work-study”</p>

<p>[Student</a> Financial Services : Work-Study](<a href=“”></p>

<p>This is the Work-Study website at Columbia. I’m currently a student at Columbia and I’m also a work-study - what happens is you have to apply to jobs on that website, and you’ll get interviewed and then get a job. You receive pay checks every two weeks, which you can deposit into your bank account. The amount listed on your financial aid that’s under ‘work study’ is the total amount you can be paid over the entire year. Scholarships you receive merely means your work study amount decreases so you don’t have to work as many hours.</p>

<p>Let me know if you have any other questions (:</p>