Work Study Conerns

<p>If I was given $2000 in work study to fulfill, would it be wise to start working as soon as I move into my dorms, or during my next summer vacation? And how does work study exactly work, because I have heard various explanations?</p>

<p>I would start looking for a job when you arrive at campus. The "best" jobs go fast or have been gobbled up by upper level students. You will need to find your job so your schedule and start date would be worked out at that point. Some colleges post work/study on-line so you could check that web site before you arrive on campus if your college posts. Work/study generally only runs while you are taking classes so no, work/study would not be a "summer job."</p>

<p>Basically, when you receive your Work-Study amount, you receive a dollar amount (some thousand dollars). That's basically the maximum amount of money the government gives the school in order to pay your salary. You're not guaranteed to get that full amount, but you can't earn more than that amount either. It's up to you to find a job that will pay you and you get to work out how many hours you want to work, as long as you don't exceed the value of the award.</p>

<p>Everything momofthreeboys is true. You want to try and find a job as soon as possible; you're not guaranteed a job at all at most schools, so if you wait till the summer (!) you'll basically just lose out on that money for that year.</p>

<p>Also not all schools do summer WS - my daughter has had WS in the past and if she did not use it by the end of spring she lost the remaining balance. (some schools do have summer WS - check with your school)</p>

<p>I don't think you can do this year's work-study award next summer. Start looking now! The W-S jobs go fast.</p>

<p>Ok thats what I figured but I was just curious. And thanks for all your help</p>