Work Study Options

<p>Does anyone know if I can get a work study job that also gives me the chance to conduct some research, or at just something more productive?</p>

<p>Before I had my workstudy job at alumni & development and it was pretty pointless. All they tell me to do it move boxes and count things. Whatever they don't feel like doing, I do, so essentially I am an indentured servant. I don't have anything personal with this, because I can get the job done very quickly and precisely anyways, but I am looking for internships this summer and it would really help if I can use my workstudy plan to do something that looks better on a resume. I am in the business school.</p>

<p>It's not that hard. Like all things, it depends on who you know. Get to know some of the people in the financial aid office or one of your professors really well. They usually dish them out if you can make them laugh.</p>

<p>To be honest I don't know what research goes on in Olin, but I imagine there isn't a lot. Your chances for getting work study research would be better if you were in engineering (where practically every professor has numerous undergrads -- although still, the majority are for credit not money). I'd say you are out of luck, unless you can somehow get a lucky break.</p>

<p>You can always take CSE 131 and be a TA for it in future semesters, which pays a fair amount ($9 an hour, can do like 6-12 hours a week I think? and they hire 40-50 people a semester). Not sure if Olin has undergrad TA's or not, but being a TA looks good on resumes.</p>

<p>Otherwise many departments are looking for graders which is probably still better than a random job of making pamphlets or some such.</p>

<p>Olin does have TAs but idk if i can be fit for it. Most TAs are either upperclassmen or grad students. But I guess it can't hurt to ask?</p>

<p>also, on a more unrelated note (yeah i apologize). Does anyone know when the dean's list notices for olin are sent out? The requirement is a 3.60 semester GPA which I did get this semester but I haven't received a notice yet. I'd like to know because I'm looking for internships this summer now and I want my resume to be as up to date as possible.</p>

<p>Also, can one actually get paid while doing research under a prof?</p>

<p>TheFallenOne - </p>

<p>I was wondering about Deans List notifications myself. It should be any day now (at the very least, before the spring semester starts). If you did make the 3.6 cutoff, I'd feel comfortable updating your resume. At the very least, a company isn't going to verify anything you put on there for a few weeks at the earliest, at which point it should be official.</p>

<p>And yes, you can get paid for doing research. Most positions are credit-only. And summer research essentially only pays housing.</p>

<p>Dean's List notification is 3 weeks after grades are due, which I think was the 24-25th. So it'll be up in about a week.</p>

<p>Also that's why I said be a TA for CSE 131 after you take it -- sophomores can do it.</p>

<p>Wow, @TheFallenOne I know exactly how you feel! I work in Medical Alumni and Development over at west campus, and i swear that since freshman year (im a sophomore now) I've done nothing but file papers. Does the university allow one to easily switch their work-study postions?</p>

<p>Start asking around. I have a friend that does graphic design for the law school. Most departments will jump at work-study students because it is extremely cheap labor (half of the salary is paid federally).</p>