Work Study question

<p>I got offered work study in my freshman year (EFC: 00000) and i accepted it but i didnt work at all in my freshman year. so my fin aid for my sophomore year just came out today (EFC: 00080), but i did not get offered work study, is it because i accepted work study last year but didnt work so they might think that i dont need it or because my EFC got increased slightly?</p>


<p>Go and ask the folks in your financial aid office. If you want a work study award this year, maybe they have funds left to award you this. An EFC of $80 isn't all that different from $0.</p>

<p>Why didn't you work during your freshman year? Do you need a job this coming year? If so, looking for a job that is not work study is also an option.</p>

<p>cuz i thought i needed some times to get used to college. and now i've got used to the studying pace in college, so i think i am ready to get a part time job. </p>

<p>yeah, i know that non-work-study jobs are also an option, but i think it would be easier to get a work-study job cuz most of my college's on-campus jobs prefer students with work-study offer.</p>