<p>Okay, I had filled out my FAFSA super early like around the first week of January and submitted it. But still I didn't get a work study even though my EFC is almost 0 and I heard it also depends on when you filled out your FAFSA. So as I didn't get it now, if I talk to the financial office will they be able to offer it to me or will I have to wait a whole year in hopes of getting it next year?

<p>i would try it, you have nothing to loose but something to gain. give them a call and see what happens.</p>

<p>I sat in a meeting yesterday with a representative of the financial aid office. She said that all the work study funds were gone before January 4th. This doesn’t mean that more won’t open up in some circumstances. Her point was just that if you want work study and the best shot at any financial aid then you should file on January 1st. She repeatedly stressed this fact. :)</p>

<p>I talked to Financial Aid yesterday. They said that an open Work-Study waiting list would be posted in their office on August 1st.</p>