<p>My s was awarded work-study. How does he go about getting a job and where does he go? I imagine it's pretty competitive and first come-first serve. Any tips on what to do?</p>

<p>There will be a job fair towards the beginning of the semester and students with work study have priority for most student jobs.
You can see an initial list of jobs here, more should be listed later on:
On-Campus</a> Jobs | Office of Student Financial Services | Brandeis University
I had work study for the first part of my four years (I continued working the same jobs even afterwards) and worked at the library circulation desk and as a student assistant at Center for European Studies.
Here's a list of of jobs at Library and Technology. The focus is on those that says "now hiring" (and there should be more closer to the position) but it doesn't hurt to submit your information if you're interested in a position and you could get contacted later - that's what happened to me before freshman year when I applied for the book shelver position:
Job</a> Opportunities | LTS | Brandeis University</p>

<p>Thanks! That's very helpful!</p>

<p>Hey catperson,</p>

<p>How long did it take for them to get back to you after you've sent in your application? I'm actually also looking into the book shelver position and would like to know about any pro's and con's of your experience. Thanks!</p>

<p>This was four years ago, so they may have somewhat fewer positions now. At the time I had submitted the application in July or August. Once I started at Brandeis, I actually meanwhile got another position as a student assistant at an interdisciplinary center. Then in October I was contacted for a brief interview at the library.
I think it's a good position because it's pretty flexible and it's generally a good working environment. After you've been a bookshelver for about a year, you can afterwards work on the circulation desk. I guess the downside is that it can be a little slow. Aside from bookshelving, you also have to sometimes shelfread books to make sure they are in order or search for missing books in which case you either often find the book in or near the place it is supposed to be, or you may not find it at all. Some kids listen to ipods while they do the work even though technically it's discouraged. But if you can learn to live with those aspects of the job, it's a good position to you have and one of the best things is that you really learn the cataloging system so if you need to look for a book for class, you can find it really easily.</p>

<p>ETA: On reason they may wait till October is so that they can figure out their overall staff size in terms of who is coming back from the previous year, who is going on to being a desk worker etc...</p>