Work Study

<p>Just curious, what's a schedule for work study usually like? In terms of how many hours per day and days per week. I just got an email about needing to drop a class that I apparently don't have a pre req for, and I'm worried it's going to mess up my availability for a job I really wanted.</p>

<p>From what I was told, they try and work around your schedule since everyone is different. I have to do work study too, and there's definitely some days where I could only get in maybe three or four hours, and then another day where I could be there for six if they wanted me.</p>

<p>I have two friends who do work study, and they only work a few days a week at times that fit their schedules... They make it sound really flexible.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, that helped =]</p>

<p>Do you think I could handle work-study, school, and marching band this semester? Right now, I'm considering not to get a work-study (on the account that my father is giving me $300 every month--kinda like continuing his child support for me, but not quite, ya know?). Since I'm here, can I stick with the same work-study job for both semesters? Or do I have to quit and find another one for the spring semester? I'm in a question-asking mode today! :)</p>

<p>^ Depends on how comfortable you think you'll be with college life. If you're already feeling pretty confident that you'll have a smooth transition (i.e. you already went to a demanding high school, you have excellent organizational/time management skills, you're resolved to not drink, etc.), then you might try to find a work study job on campus that requires >10hrs per week. It can actually be easier to manage your time if you have a part-time job, but since it's your Freshman fall, I wouldn't take the work study unless you a) 100% need the money or b) are really prepared for college. $300 a month would be more than enough, imo, for a college student.</p>

<p>Oh btw- I do have a question too-- </p>

<p>Does anyone know if there are any stats on the average amount of hours a work study entails (i.e. 10 hrs, 15 hrs, 5 hrs) per week and the pay?</p>

<p>Artemis, that depends on your experience as well as the amount from work study detailed in your FA. If you look at the work study site, it has the minimum and maximum amount per hour based on your pay level. They determine exactly how much when you interview, and then you work however much a week would be required to meet the total amount, but you can't earn more than allowed.</p>

<p>can a work-study job be started whenever you want to start working? Or does it specifically have to start during the start of fall semester? And do you stick with the job the whole year? Or do you have to find a different one for spring semester?
I know, I'm clueless. :)</p>

<p>bump, por favor. :)</p>

<p>My friends have kept the same jobs since freshman year (they're seniors now)... They each love where they work, and they seem to work about 10ish hours a week. I'm assuming you could probably get a new placement if you really hate the job they give you, but who knows!</p>