Working and College

<p>I will be attending college next year, most likely in California (although it probably doesn't matter where) and I am wondering if any of you guys have jobs and also have enough time for classes/homework/partying. I'm talking about a simple job, like working at an on campus book store or the mail room, something simple, becauase I will most likely get a job on, or near the campus. Any tips or reccomendations would be great, thanks.</p>

<p>You have to be good with time-management, and more likely than not you will have to sacrifice part of an aspect of your life, whether that be social, or academic. Just keep that in mind.</p>

<p>I work full time and go to a cc full time. It is all about time management. I agree with Vicissitudes.</p>

<p>I work at a firm. About 13 hours a week. And I have to walk like 25 blocks to work, and still manage to finish schoolwork and do well in class. Get a job, you'll be glad when the paychecks start rolling in...</p>

<p>im @ work right now. =_= and im typing in CC. what does that tell you about my time management? or difficulty of my job? most workstudy jobs should be simple enoguh XD</p>

<p>I worked part time as an undergrad (full time student). There were times that it interfered with some social stuff, but for the most part it wasn't an issue for me. </p>

<p>I worked full time as a grad student (part time student), and it did get hard at times to get things done. My job (police) required me to work crazy hours and court would always come up when I had a paper due. Plus, I was married, and we had a child during that time, which really made getting course work done sometimes.</p>

<p>If you can donate blood (or aren't afraid of needles), do this:</p>

<p>Find a blood plasma donation center nearby. Go in twice a week for one to two hours a night and donate plasma. Make $50 a week--$20 first time in the week, $30 second time. Make $200 a month. Get bonuses when other first-time students go and give them your name as a reference. EASY money and you can study while you donate.</p>

<p>I work an unpaid internship 3 times a week (i could've had a paying job... but this was a such an opportunity). Honestly, I only socialize on the weekends or at night anyway so its either hw or work. It's manageable.</p>

<p>I actually am getting much much much better grades then I did in high school (and the classes aren't easy either) and I think it is partially because of my job. My job forces me to plan well and time manage. On the days I don't have work I just kind of sit around or sleep.</p>

<p>So a job, is doable</p>

<p>"My job forces me to plan well and time manage. On the days I don't have work I just kind of sit around or sleep."</p>

<p>Toast to the good life.!</p>