Working freshman year

<p>I want to get a job as soon as I get to campus, but my parents just want me to "focus on my schoolwork". Is it uncommon for freshmen to work 1st semester? If I were to get a job at the school store or somewhere, how many hours would you suggest working per week? And would you suggest working weekends or weekdays inbetween classes?</p>

<p>whats your major? i recommend you only take 13-15 credits if you plan on working...</p>

<p>try to find a job that's less than 10 hours per week...</p>

<p>In my experience it's actually pretty common for first-semester students to work 10-15 hours per week on 15-19 credits. For many it's a financial necessity, because of their financial situation, parents, etc.</p>

<p>Not everyone is the same, but you should not be discouraged from working, or from starting out with fewer credits. </p>

<p>An engineering student, I took 15 credits and worked between 10 and 15 hours a week. It was manageable, and I was still able to participate in clubs, study during my free time, and maintain an active social life. My second semester was a different story, and I had to cut down to 5 hours a week with 20 credits.</p>

<p>If working is not an absolute necessity, I'd say keep it under 10 hrs/week. You want time to explore clubs/meet people/get a good gpa your first semester and not get overwhelmed!</p>

<p>It's definitely do-able. I did fine with a 10 hour/week job and 13 credits in ILR; my next semester was the same deal in 17 credits. You will probably find that it makes you work more efficiently, and there are plenty of campus jobs where you can be doing work during downtime (service centers, libraries, etc.) Dining hall jobs are also an incredible discount on meal plans and tons of free food.</p>

<p>I worked 10 hrs/week with 17 credits my first semester. It's definitely do-able, as long as you manage your time well and plan around it. I actually really enjoyed my job and made a lot more friends that way, and I'm working two jobs next semester (around 20-25 hrs/week) with 18 credits... and I'm in Engineering.</p>

<p>Would they let sophomores be tour guides, and about how much do they make? :)</p>

<p>I recommend 13-15 credits your first semester and, if you plan to get a job, work 10 hours/week. Your parents are correct that your first semester will have an adjustment period.</p>

<p>I did 15 credits and 10 hours/week of work my first semester. Senior year, I had 3 part-time jobs (around 30-40 hours/week) and still had a 4.1 GPA as a premed bio major. By your junior/senior years, you will probably be able to work as much as you want because by then you will have your academics down to a science. There's no need to rush into student employment first semester. There will be plenty of chances later on.</p>

<p>How much do I have to work to cover a $1800 work/study? I need to keep it to the minimum.</p>

<p>You can apply to be a tour guide sophomore year, but not after that. The hiring process is quite selective. Go to Day Hall for more info.</p>