workload - 3 ap classes

<p>i'm doing course selection soon and i am planning on taking ap stats, ap studio art, ap french, and regular english. this is for senior year btw. can someone give me an idea of roughly how much work ap stats and ap french are? i have a pretty good sense of what ap art is like.</p>

<p>thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Definitely manageable, AP Stat isn't one of the harder AP Maths</p>

<p>AP stat is one of the easier math AP's and AP French is very subjective depending on how good you are at languages. In my school, we have a few levels of language before the AP one...and every grammar concept is learning in prep for the AP class...the AP class works on speaking and writing and vocab expansion for us.</p>

<p>thanks a lot! i'm in my fifth year of french, so hopefully i'll be okay.</p>