workload for pmb 13


<p>Has anyone ever taken pmb 13? If so, what's the workload for it? Will there be a lot of memorization in this class? Thank you.</p>

<p>very easy class
you will have to memorize some stuffs for midterms but they're not much
and you can retake them if you do badly on them</p>

<p>There are four 2-page papers throughout the semester that are doable in a day each.
The information in lecture is for the most part useless, the midterms test on info from these e-lesson slides that you do on the internet. Mostly focuses on genetics at a high school AP Bio level, if that. At least this was how it was when I took it in spring 09.</p>

<p>Like go-backk said, very easy class, good for a bio breadth if you don't want to bother with a real class and would prefer to focus on your major prereqs or something.</p>

<p>Should I phase I this class?
Is this a heavy workload?
nst 10
public health 103
17 units.</p>

<p>don't phase I. I think it wasn't full until few days after the class started last year.
it doesn't require heavy workload at all</p>

<p>k i wont phase I it. i trust u lol</p>