Workstudy Question....

<p>I've been offered a certain amount of money for WorkStudy. ( Both Spring and fall.) However, when I go to the financial offer letter, It says ( annual Workstudy...) and it has the total amount for spring and fall in one single box. However, I only want to get it for Spring. So I was wondering if I could just divide the total amount in half and accept that. Or is there something else I could do?
By the way if I accept some of the workstudy, is there a way I could possibly decline it later on next year?</p>

<p>in the work study program, you earn higher wages than normal because the government subsidizes part of your paycheck (the company employing you does not pay as much).</p>

<p>because of this subsidy, your work study is "capped" - the government will only pay so much.</p>

<p>your paycheck goes directly to you (not to your CARS account).</p>

<p>so to answer your first question, the reason why its in one box for the entire year is because it is up to you to decide WHEN you want to work, and how many hours, and at what wages (i.e. finding an employer who pays higher). You can reach your cap over the summer, or it might take you the entire year. If you want to wait until Spring semester to start working, that is up to you.</p>

<p>And yes, you can always decline your work study. 1) just don't work. 2) change the amount you accept through bearfacts offer letter. 3) convert your workstudy into loans. you'll need to fill out a form.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help Alongcamepeter. Do you know how i can get the form for converting workstudies to loan???</p>

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<p>Use the Federal Loan Change form.</p>

<p>From my understanding, you don't really need to change it into a loan. It's offered on top of your financial aid. What I'm trying to say is that say you had $3,000 in ...I don't know...parent loans. Then you had $1500 in work study. The parent loans are given directly to the parent's bank account, not the school, so it can be spent on books, supplies, or used to pay CARS accounts. But if you did work study, then you can pay for your books/CARS and your parents wouldn't need to use all $3,000 (or whatever they're spending, whether it is a loan or not).</p>

<p>If you choose not to do workstudy, it's not like you are missing part of your tuition, but rather your parents, or you will have to pay more or have higher don't decrease that amount. </p>

<p>That's what someone at the financial aid office told me anyways.</p>